The Research Institute “ELIRI” was founded in 1959. In 1996 it was reorganized into a joint stock company. It is situated in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. The institute specializes in the following fields: instrument making, information technology, radioelectronics and microelectronics.


Until 1992 the main directions of the Institute activity had been based on the elaboration of cast microwire in glass isolation, installations, devices and sensors based on them. In most of these directions the Institute had been occupying a leading position in the military-industrial complex of the former Soviet Union. Up to 70 percent of the institute works were connected with this complex. During its activity, as a result of the performed research and development activities, the Institute elaborated and implemented more than 250 new products for enterprises of the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine and Latvia into the serial production. The works, performed by the Institute in the field of cast microwires and products based on them, have become one of the main directions of instrument making development in the second half of XX century. Since the seventies of the last century, the institute had been carrying out researches and elaborations in the field of integrated hybrid microelectronics. The industrial enterprises were producing hundreds of thousands of chips elaborated by the Institute.

Institute ELIRI SA has developed scores of types of the metrological devices and installations. Our high-voltage dividers of direct current with input voltage from one hundred up to hundreds kV are used in Russian Research Centre ”KURCHATOV INSTITUTE”, National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”, Metrology and Standards Institute in Republic of Korea, others scientific organizations; high- resistance devices and installations are used in metrological centers and institutes of Russian Federation, Ukraine and other States. Recently, the Institute has been executing orders for firms from the USA, the Republic of Korea, Israel, China, Britain, Russian Federation, Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and from other countries. The experimental production of the Institute in cooperation with a number of enterprises of the Republic of Moldova produces the elaborated products.