New products. Basic technologies

From the very beginning of its activity the institute “ELIRI” has been working in the field of new materials and technologies which are fundamental in elaboration of new types of products. These technologies provide a high technical level and competitiveness of the products, elaborated according to the technical requirements of our customers.


In the sixties for the first time in the world the Research Institute “ELIRI” elaborated the industrial technology and equipment for production of cast microwires in glass isolation with a core diameter of less than 1 ?m till dozens of ?m and more of liquid metal phase and resistive alloys (this method was proposed by professor A.V. Ulitovskii). In the late seventies - early eighties the production of cast magnetic microwires with the natural ferromagnetic resonance, amorphous structure, magnetic bistability, with strand of semiconductors and semimetals was developed. The ultra thin diameter of a microwire provides a significant reduction of weight and dimensions of products based on it, and solid glass insulation expands their operational capabilities and increases stability.


Recently, there was offered a new technology of receiving of filamentary nanocompositions, consisting of tens and hundreds of thousands of nanofilaments of metal elements, alloys, semimetals and semiconductors in glass isolation. There were also received experimental samples of the filamentary nanocompositions with a length from 0,1 to 0,5 m and with a diameter of conductive filaments from 30 to 100 nanometers. The institute works on reducing of diameter of nanonfilaments and studies their properties.

Hybrid and integrated microelectronics

The institute "ELIRI" carries out researches in the field of hybrid technology of integrated microelectronics, on the basis of which elaborates and manufactures custom hybrid chips and functional units (up to the third degree of integration): filters, voltage regulators, amplifiers, resistance and resistance-capacitance assemblies, emitterand receivers of infrared radiation and others.