The Institute specializes in metrological instrument making (control gage, measuring instrument and imitator of electrical resistance, standard voltage dividers, installation for transformers verification); in information technology (elements of securities identifying, radioabsorbing protective fillers and materials); in measuring equipment (transducer-converter for measuring of non-electrical and electrical units, devices); in radioelectronics (custom hybrid integrated chips) and in other areas of instrument making.


The main directions of the scientific and technical activities include: research and elaboration of new types of microwires in glass isolation and filamentary nanocompositions; research and elaboration of new products based on them, technologic processes and equipment for goods production. All elaborations of the institute end with production and delivery of elaborated elements, hybrid integrated chips and functional units, equipment, facilities and systems to customers, or with sending of the scientific and technological production to customers and with participation in organization of its production.


The production is elaborated in accordance with the international standards. The Institute received more than 500 certificates for inventions, more than 80 patents in various countries. In recent years, the Institute awarded international prizes, medals and diplomas from international exhibitions.