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ELIRI was founded in 1959. Initially, research and development work was carried out here to develop and introduce new types of products based on microwire. Currently, ELIRI is a company that is specialized in the production of microwires and products based on them.

The company has developed the production of cast microwires in glass insulation with a core diameter from less than 1 μm to tens of μm. Microwires are produced from various metals and alloys: conductive, resistive, magnetic, semiconductor with their simultaneous coating with glass insulation, using the classic  methods, and also, a hybrid methods.

"ELIRI" works in the field of new materials and technologies, which are basic in the development of new products. These technologies provide a high technical level and competitiveness of products developed according to the technical requirements of customers.

The ultra-slim diameter of the microwire provides a significant reduction in the mass and dimensions of products based on it, and glass insulation increases stability and extends their operational capabilities (underground, under water, in air or even in space).

There are conducted research of the process of obtaining filamentary nanocompositions of extended length, including a number of technological operations from the preparation of the initial glass matrix with filaments of micron sizes from metal elements, alloys, semimetals and semiconductors prior to its deformation to nanometer dimensions of threads.

The corporate values of the company are:


Quality without compromise

We work closely with clients from around the world, delivering tailored solutions to their challenges. Our customers’ products span many industries and markets including high-tech, medical, aerospace, mining and others.


From time-critical to complex

We pair world-class technical expertise with speed. Because we hold a very wide variety of products in stock, we can guarantee fast lead times. Also we have very agile production capacities as well as a high skilled team of engineers that can creatively approach every single task. So… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


Absolute discretion and confidentiality

We’re proud to be an independently-owned company. It means we are totally committed to excellent customer service, driven to exceed time and budget expectations, and understand the need for complete confidentiality.

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