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ELIRI is a company thrilled to solve customers challenges within miniaturisation projects. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced engineers who can find solutions to the finest challenges by developing technologies, prototyping, equipment manufacturing and mass production.

We develop and produce state of art customized microwires. Our ultra-fine wires are used in many industries and markets including high-tech, medical, automotive, aerospace, mining, and others. We combine unique capabilities and cross-sector best practices ranging from electromechanics, electronics, chemistry, physics, applied magnetism and industrial design and creating strong technology and R&D foundation. 

Our team is open to research proposals. Due to our vast technical capabilities and history, we can pursue research and development projects together with our partners to develop and manufacture innovative materials, systems and full products.

ISO 13485 Certificate in Medical Devices - stands for our high level of quality and consistency in mass production of mechanical, sensors and micro coils manufacturing.

Our mission is to provide customers with the most efficient solution for their finest challenges.

The corporate values of the company are:


Quality without compromise

We work closely with clients from around the world, delivering tailored solutions to their challenges. Our customers’ products span many industries and markets including high-tech, medical, aerospace, mining and others.


From time-critical to complex

We pair world-class technical expertise with speed. Because we hold a very wide variety of products in stock, we can guarantee fast lead times. Also we have very agile production capacities as well as a high skilled team of engineers that can creatively approach every single task. So… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


Absolute discretion and confidentiality

We’re proud to be an independently-owned company. It means we are totally committed to excellent customer service, driven to exceed time and budget expectations, and understand the need for complete confidentiality.

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